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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

How much should I spend on gifts?

Although we like to provide an extra special Christmas through the adoption program, we wish to make it special but not extravagant. We recommend spending $40.00 per child for a gift or gifts. If you have more money than is necessary, please consider adopting another family.

What goes inside the food hamper?

The hamper should include food for both breakfast Christmas morning and Christmas dinner. It should also consider the number of members in the family. A minimum suggestion for the meals would be:
Turkey, Ham or Chicken
Fresh or Frozen Vegetables
Christmas Oranges or other fruit
Turkey Stuffing
Pie or Cookies/Sweets
Any other items to make Christmas Day special

How much does adopting cost?


1 or 2 Parents

1 or 2 Parents

1 or 2 Parents

1 or 2 Parents

1 or 2 Parents

1 or 2 Parents


1 Child                          =

2 Children                    =

3 Children                    =

4 Children                    =

5 Children                    =

6 Children                    =

Cost of Food

$80 – $90

$110 – $140

$140 – $165

$165 – $180

$180 – $200

$200 – $240









$120 – $130

$190 – $220

$260 – $285

$325 – $340

$380 – $400

$440 – $480

How do you assign families to adopters?

Each adopter fills out a preferred family profile, part of the application form (link below). We then match your profile with a family's profile.

When do I get my family of families?

A family and family number will be assigned to you once we receive your application AND are able to find a family that matches your preferences as indicated on your form. (Usually within 2 weeks)

How do I know what to buy for the children

You will be sent a list of the children in the family, along with ages, clothing sizes, and toy preferences. Some parents will also indicate a special interest - music, hockey, Spiderman, etc. Please do not feel obligated to get everything indicated; this list is provided to give some direction when purchasing the gifts. Toys must be new, in the original packaging, and age appropriate. Another option would be to purchase a gift card so the parents can purchase something from the child's wish list.

What do I get for a teenager?

Gift Cards are a great option. Stop by a music store, bookstore, sports store or movie theatre and purchase a $40 gift card.

Do I need to buy something for the parents?

No. You are not required to purchase a gift for the parents; this program is primarily for the children. However, you may if you wish.

How do I provide for their Christmas dinner?

We have included a hamper contents list below (scroll down). All food must be in the original package and not past its best before date. As many of our clients come from a varitety of cultures and ethnicities another option is to provide a gift card for a grocery store so the family can purchase the food they enjoy.

Can I meet the family?

Yes, this is called a "contact adoption". It is an option on the application form. Special arrangements will be made when an adoptee is found. However some families desire anonymity so this is not always an option. We respect the anonymity of both, adopters and the adoptees.

If we don't want contact with the family how will they get their hampers?

This is called a "no contact adoption". We have set aside two days, December 16th and 18th for Adopt A Family hamper distribution. These are the days the family will pick up the hampers after lunch. On your application is an option for you to drop off your hamper the morning of Dec 16th or 18th. We will let your family know which day their hamper will arrive so they can receive it that same afternoon.
Our distribution center is Salvation Army Haven of Hope, located at 2240 13th Ave. The hampers must be delivered at the east side door between 9am and 12:30pm on the assigned day. Please remember that undelivered hampers means a very disappointed family. If any problems arise please call the office at 306 757 4600.

Is the money I spend on the family tax deductable?

Yes, for amounts of $10 or more.
However to be issued a Gift-in-Kind tax receipt, please do the following:

1. Scan all invoices
2. Fill in the Gift In Kind application form (button below)
3. Email, mail or bring all documents to the address below.
4. All submissions must be to our office before Dec 31, 2019 to be receipted for 2019 fiscal year.
NOTE - GST and PST is not eligible for inclusion in the tax receipt.

Email –

Our mailing address is:
The Salvation Army Haven of Hope
Attention: David Cox
2240 13th Ave.
Regina, Sk
S4P 3M7

What if I still have questions or want more information?

Please give us a call at 306-757-6401 or email

You have made a difference for a family this Christmas.
Thank you for your partnership.