Why Help?

While each person has his or her own personal reasons for giving their time and money to organizations, all donors want to know that their gifts are valued and make a difference.

Donations to Haven of Hope and The Salvation Army are valued and do make a difference. We couldn’t provide help to our clients without receiving help from others. A well-earned reputation for reaching out to those in need, in partnership with generous donors, has made the Salvation Army the largest non-governmental direct provider of social assistance in Canada.

Here are a few reasons why you can feel good about donating your time and money to us:

– We recognize our responsibility to be good stewards of your donations and fulfill this through keeping administration costs low and being transparent and accountable for our spending.

– We believe that all individuals deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and strive to demonstrate this in our relationships with our employees, volunteers and assistance recipients.

– We target our assistance to those in the community who are most in need – individuals and families often marginalized and overlooked. And we provide this assistance without discrimination.