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With You Behind The Shield,
More Lives Will Be Changed!

As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to make a lasting impact. For over 135 years, The Salvation Army has provided hope and dignity to people in need through the generosity of our volunteers and donors.

The Salvation Army launches 128th annual Christmas Kettle CampaignThe Salvation Army’s annual Christmas Kettle Campaign – our largest fundraising drive of the year – seeks donations from the public to help assist millions of people living in poverty. The Kettle Campaign donations transform the lives of Canadians and help people find a way out of poverty permanently.

Without the help of volunteers we can’t raise these essential funds. By becoming a Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Volunteer you can help vulnerable Canadians in our community.

Please click the link below to volunteer with us or call our Kettle Coordinator at 306-527-7950

Volunteers help Salvation Army raise funds to support vulnerable people at Christmas and throughout the year

Still have your attention and want to know more?

The Salvation Army’s tradition of Christmas Kettles began in 1891 when Captain Joseph McFee of The Salvation Army in San Francisco set up a large pot at the Oakland Ferry Landing. He aimed to provide a free Christmas dinner to the area’s needy and wanted to inspire the community to contribute. This tradition has evolved into a global movement, including here in Canada.

During the holiday season, dedicated Salvation Army volunteers are stationed in busy public spaces, shopping centers, and stores, ringing bells beside the iconic red kettles. Passersby are encouraged to drop spare change or make a donation to help support the less fortunate in their community. The funds collected go towards providing food, shelter, and other essential services to individuals and families facing adversity.

The Salvation Army Christmas Kettles play a vital role in supporting communities across Canada. The funds raised help provide meals for the hungry, shelter for people experiencing homelessness, and assistance for families facing financial hardship. Additionally, the initiative contributes to various community programs, including after-school activities, addiction recovery services, and support for those experiencing crisis situations.

Our annual Kettle Campaign’s success relies heavily on volunteers’ dedication. Canadians from all walks of life come together during the holiday season to give their time and show their support.

In recent years, The Salvation Army has embraced technology to make it even easier for you to contribute. All Regina locations now accept contactless payments, allowing donors to contribute with a simple tap of their card or smartphone. This modernization ensures that the Christmas Kettles remain relevant and accessible in an increasingly cashless society.

The Salvation Army Christmas Kettles in Canada exemplify the true spirit of the holiday season – a time for giving, compassion, and community support. As you encounter those cheerful bell ringers and iconic red kettles, remember that your contribution, no matter how small, can significantly impact the lives of those in need. By supporting this timeless tradition, you are helping The Salvation Army bring joy and hope to communities across the country during the most beautiful time of the year.